(Delhi Act No. 11 of 1994)


(As passed by the Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi)


To provide for the preservation of trees in the National Capital Territory of Delhi

BE it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi in the Forty-fifth Year of the republic of India as follows:-


  1. Short title , extent and commencement -
    1. This ct may be called the Delhi Preservation of Trees Act, 1994
    2. It shall extend to the whole of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.
    3. It shall come into force at once.
  2. Definition. ----In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-----
    1. "Appellate Authority" means an authority appointed by the Government as appellate authority under this Act;
    2. "Deputy Conservator of Forests a forest officer in-charge of a forest and exercising jurisdiction over area;
    3. "Secretary means the Secretary of Forests, Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi;
    4. "Forest produce includes:-
      1. the following whether found in, or brought from ,forest or not, that is to say:-
        Timber, charcoal, caoutchoue, catechu, wood-oil, resin, natural varnish, bark, lac, mahua flowers, mahua seeds, kuth and myrabolams, and
      2. the following when found in, or brought from, a forest, that is to say:-
        1. trees and leaves , flowers and fruits, and all other parts of produce not herein before mentioned, of trees,
        2. Plants not being trees (including grass, creepers, reeds and moss), and all parts or produce of such plants,
        3. Wild animals and skins, tusks, horns, bones, silk, cocoons, honey and wax, and all other parts or produce of animals , and
        4. Peat, surface, soil, rock and minerals(including limestone, late rite, mineral oils, and oil products of mines or quarries);
    5. "Government" means the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi;
    6. "notification" means a notification published in the official Gazette;
    7. "organization" means any company(public or private); government or semi-government department; undertaking; board or local authority;
    8. "to fell a tree" with its cognate expression, means serving the trunk from the roots, uprooting the tree and includes bulldozing, cutting, girdling, lopping, pollarding, applying arboricides, burning or damaging a tree in any other manner,
    9. "tree" means any woody plant whose branches spring from and are supported upon a trunk or body is not less than five centimeters in diameter at a height of thirty centimeters from the ground level and is not less than one metre in height from the ground level;
    10. "Tree Officer" means a forest officer appointed as such by the Government for the purposes of this Act:
    11. "prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act:
    12. words and expressions used in this Act and defined in the Indian Forest Act, 1927 (Central Act 16 of 1927) but not defined this Act, shall have the meanings respectively assigned to them in that Act.

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