Biodiversity Council

The entries are still open! Do spread the word and make your voices heard. Let us all contribute towards the urban biodiversity and conservation agenda. Let us strive towards a shared future for all life around us.
प्रकृति: रक्षति रक्षिता (“Prakruti Rakshati Rakshita” - Nature Protects, If She is Protected)

Dear Participants, Thank you for lending your voices of support for nature and for being a part of the NCT of Delhi Biodiversity Council's Video-Essay competition 2022.

While we are very impressed with your entries and appreciate the effort you all have put into it, we had to undertake the challenging task of limiting ourselves to identifying three winning entries along with selection of few notable mentions.

Given the overwhelming number of entries, we won't be able to provide individual feedback. However, we will upload the winning entries along with special mention entries on the website shortly.

The three Winning Entries have been awarded to (in no particular order):

Lakshya Sharma of Balvantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan - ASMA Second Shift (D.o.B.: 22-01-2008)
Khushi Seth of Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar (D.o.B.: 11-02-2009)
Vanshika Bhandari of Guru Nanak Public School (D.o.B.: 25-05-2005)

The three special mention entries (in no particular order):

Sakina Nadeem of Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar (D.o.B.: 13-08-2005)
Ishpreet Kaur of SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi
Jyothika Biju of CMS College, Kottayam (D.o.B.: 16-04-2001)

Hoping for an enduring partnership with you all. We wish you all the best for your future.

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