Delhi State

The geographical area of Delhi is 1,483 sq. km. and lies between latitude 28 degree 22 minutes to 28 degree 54 minutes North and longitude 76 degree 48 minutes to 77 degree 23 minutes East exhibiting two prominent features i.e. the Yamuna flood plains and Delhi Ridge It is the largest metropolis by area and second largest metropolis in terms of population in the country

1. Population : 1.67 Crores (Census 2011).

Urban Population : 97.50 %

Rural Population : 2.50 %

Population Density : 11297 persons per sq. km., the highest in the country.

Projected Population : 2.4 Crores the year 2020 as projected by the Office of RGI.

2. Livestock Population : 373,000 (as per Livestock Census 2003), which has increased by about 17% since the census of 1992.

3. Climate : The climate of Delhi has a hot and humid for most of the season. The city climate becomes very hot during the month of June which is followed by monsoon happening somewhere after September. The annual temperature varies from 3 degree to 45 degree Celsius and the rainfall between 400 mm. to 600 mm.

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