Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. From where I can get saplings?

Ans. Saplings free of cost are available to public at any of our departmental nurseries located at various places in delhi.

Q. I want lopping of branches of tree obstructing my house what is the procedure?

Ans. You can apply in b form to the tree officer at the respective divisional office under tree preservation act.

Q. My neighbour's tree is causing nuisance to me what shall I do?

Ans. You can apply to sdm under sec 133 of crpc act.

Q. I want to lodge a complaint regarding cutting of tree. Who should I contact?

Ans. Please register your complaint with tree help line.

Q. I want removal of tree dangerous to life or property or traffic?

Ans. Section b of dpta 94 states. If the tree is not immediately felled, there would be grave danger to life or property or traffic, the owner of the land may take immediate action to fell such tree and report the fact to the tree officer within twenty-four hours of such felling.

In case the tree is standing on the land of govt. Bodies/govt.Agencies like, dda,mcd,ndmc,cpwd,pwd etc. The competent authority of that agency may take action on priority under intimation to tree officer within twenty-four hours.

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