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During 2000 - 2001, the Government of Delhi sanctioned a project of rehabilitation of 2100 Acres of degraded Bhati Sanctuary through the Eco-Task force of Territorial Army and Center for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystems of Delhi University. The objectives of the project are - reclaimation of degraded Bhati area through afforestation & grassland development, restoration of habitat for indigenous wildlife and other faunal species, improvement of ground water regime, improvement of soil quality and fertility in the area, addition to the recreation & bio-aesthetic value of the sanctuary and improvement in bio-diversity of Aravali ecosystem. This project is still continuing in five years . This would improve the habitat of the Wildlife Sanctuary, increase forest cover of Delhi and also act as shelterbelt to check the advancing desert from the western part of Delhi. Saplings have been planted and seeds of various indigenous tree species have been sown at various locations by the Territorial Army and their presence has ? the biotic interferance and illegal mining to a great extent

Eco-restoration of Degraded Bhatti Mines through Eco-Task Force:The Department has undertaken a project for eco- rehabilitation of 2100 acres of degraded and abandoned Bhatti Mines in the southern ridge (Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary) w.e.f. October, 2000 through 132 Infantry Batallion (TA) ECO Rajput (Eco- Task Force). The Task Force had successfully protected the forest land from encroachment and illegal mining in the area temporarily handed over to them. Over passage of time, the Gaon Sabha lands of Dera Mandi were also handed over by the Govt. to ETF for raising plantations. The year-wise details of the plantation raised by ETF w.e.f. 2001 onwards are as under:

Sl. No. Year Area (in Acres) Plantation Raised
1 2001-02 300 58800
2 2002-03 600 92600
3 2003-04 400 150000
4 2004-05 400 128000
5 2005-06 400 130000
6 2006-07 400 140000
7 2007-08 400 171000
8 2008-09 427 141703
9 2009-10 429 104632*

Source: Commanding Officer – 132 Inf. Bn. (TA), ECO Rajput (ETF)

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