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RECORDED FORESTS (NOTIFIED FOREST AREAS IN DELHI): The total recorded forest area in Delhi is 85 sq. km. i.e. 5.73% of the geographic area of which the Reserved and Protected Forests constitute 91.76% and 8.24% of the total forest area respectively.

a.   Reserved Forest (Proposed Reserved Forests (PRF):

“Ridge” which is the rocky outcrop of Aravali hills in Delhi, has been notified as Reserved Forests under Section 4 of the Indian Forest Act, 1927 vide Notification No.F.10(42)-1/PA/DCF/93/2012-17(I) dated 24th May, 1994. The Hon’ble Supreme Court, through various orders passed in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 4677/1985 (MC Mehta vs. UOI & Ors.) has directed that ridge should be maintained in its pristine glory. The Ridge in Delhi is comprised of the following, break up of which is given in the table below:

S.No Ridge Forest Approximate Area in Ha. (to be demarcated/reconciled) Proportion of different parts of Ridge (in %)
1 Northern Ridge Forest



2 Central Ridge Forest



  South-Central Ridge Forest



4 Southern Ridge Forest






Besides, 7 Ha. of DDA land at Nanakpura Gurudwara has also been notified vide notification No.F.11(40)/PA/DCF/96 (I) dated 19.03.1996 to be part of the Central Ridge as per the directions issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in WP (C) No.4677/85 in the matter of M.C. Mehta Vs. UOI & Ors. The final notification of above under Section 20 is to be issued after settlement of rights, claims and objections by the Forest Settlement Officers.

The position of different parts of the Ridge and their present status of management is given below:-

i.  Northern Ridge: Northern Ridge, located near Delhi University, has an area of 87 ha and is under the control and management of various agencies, which are mentioned below.

Managing Agency Area
DDA 73.00 ha.
MCD (Hindu Rao Hospital) 11.00 ha.
Forest (KNR Nursery) 3.00 ha.
TOTAL 87.00 ha.

ii.  Central Ridge: Central Ridge has an area of 864 ha area and is under the control and management of various agencies which are mentioned below.

Managing Agency Area
Forest Department 423.00 Ha.
Army (Signal Regiment) B/W 202.00 Ha.
DDA (Bhuli Bhatiyari Park, R Block Rajender Nagar) 85.00 Ha.
CPWD(Buddha Jayanti Park, Mahavir Vanasthali) 37.00 Ha.
NDMC (Talkatora Garden) 25.00 Ha.
MHA (Wireless Stn.) 6.00 Ha.
MCD (Nursery) 3.00 Ha.
Railways (Sardar Patel Rs) 11.00 Ha.
Areas Allotted By L&DO 70.00 Ha.
TOTAL 864.00 Ha.

iii.  South-Central Ridge: South Central Ridge has an area of 626 ha including Sanjay Van and is located near Mehrauli. The whole of this ridge is under the control & management of Delhi Development Authority.

iv.  Southern Ridge: The Southern Ridge has an area of approximately 6200 ha. and the agency-wise details of which are as under:

Managing Agency Area
Forest Department 1938.00 Ha.
Delhi Development Authority 120.00 Ha
Sports Authority of India 32.00 Ha
Gaon Sabha & Ors. 4207.00 Ha
TOTAL 6200.00 Ha.

Uncultivated surplus gaon sabha lands in the Southern Ridge have been excluded from vesting in the gaon sabha and transferred to the Forest Department for afforestation vide notification dated 02.04.1996 under Section 154 of the Delhi Land Reforms Act,1954. Out of the total 4207 ha of Gaon Sabha lands so notified, approximately 3200 ha has already been handed over to the Forest Deptt. which is maintained as forests.

b.  Protected Areas (Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary):

Gaon Sabha land in village Sahurpur, Asola, Maidan Garhi ad-measuring 4707 Acres (1882.80 Ha.) and 2166.28 Acres (866.512 ha.) of village Bhatti in the Southern Ridge has been notified vide No.F.3(116)/CWLW/84/897-906 dated 09.10.1989 and No.F.2(19)/DCF/90-91/1382-91 dated 15.04.1991as Asola and Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuaries respectively under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

c.  Protected Forests: The following areas in Delhi have been notified as Protected Forests under Section 29 of the Indian Forest Act, 1927 vide Notifications as mentioned against each.

Sl. No. Name of the Protected Forests and Agency Area in Acre Notification No. Date.
1 Mitraon (Forest) 105 F.8(2)/48 (IX) P&D, Dtd. 6.05.1948
2 Sultanpur (Forest) 120 F.8(2)/48-(I)P&D, Dtd. 6.05.1948
3 Mukhmelpur (Forest) 133 F.11 (38)/54-P&D-I Dtd. 2.3.1955
4 Rajokhari (Forest) 600 EV-7/97/58(i) Dtd. 21.08.1959
5 Tughlakabad (Forest)   F.8(2)/48(V) P&D dated 6.5.1948
6 Distt. Park I/c Hauzkhas picnic Hut ,lake, Garden etc (DDA) 400.00 SCO.32(C)/Noti-80-81/6974 –81 Dt. 10.04.80
7 City Forest (DDA) 800.00 -do-
8 Basant Nagar, Moradabad Pahari Area (DDA) 200.00 -do-
9 Vasant Vihar Distt. Park (DDA) 20.00 -do-
10 Dhaula Kuan Complex ( (DDA) 200.00 -do-
11 Nehru University Afforestation   (DDA) 200.00 -do-
12 Distt. Park Gokulpuri (DDA) 7.50 -do-
13 Distt. Park Jhilmil Taharpur (DDA) 20.00 -do-
14 Zonal Green Area Kalyanpuri, Trilokpuri, Khichripur, Ghazipur etc. (DDA) 373.00 -do-
15 Orchard between Sindhora Kalan, Nimri, Gulabi Bagh & Darbar Khan Nursery and Other Areas (DDA) 100.00 -do-
16 Area Between Hill Road & Ludlow Castle Road (DDA/L&DO) 17.00 -do-
17 Orchard in Wazirpur Near Bharat Nagar and Nimri Colony (DDA) 120.00 -do-
18 Mayapuri Green belt (DDA) 5.00 -do-
19 Hastsal Afforestation (DDA) 40.00 -do-
20 Area between Inderpura Narayana  J. J. Colony (DDA) 32.00 -do-
21 Afforestation M P Green area Tagor Gargen   (DDA) 55.26 -do-
22 Orchard Nangloi Sayed (DDA) 257.56 -do-
23 Distt. Park Rohtak Road Co-operative Society (DDA) 35 -do-
24 Afforestation MP green G-8 Tihar 65 -do-
25 Afforestation M.P.Green Area Najafgarh Drain   (DDA) 54.58 -do-
26 Distt. Park in between Pritampura Co-operative Society   (DDA) 185.00 -do-
  TOTAL 4144.90 (1658 Ha.)  

City Forests:

The Department of Forests & Wildlife, over the years has raised plantations on the gaon sabha and other government lands and maintaining them as City Forests. Besides, thirteen old City Forests, the Department during the year 2007-08 and 2008-09, has developed eighteen New City Forests and developing nine new during the current financial year. The location-wise details of the old and new City Forests are as under.

i.  Old City Forests: There are thirteen old city forests maintained by the Department, namely, at Nasirpur (28.00 Ha.), Alipur (19.50 Ha.), Hauzrani (28.80 Ha.), Mitraon (40.00 Ha.), Sultanpur (48.00 Ha.), Ghumenhera (32.00 Ha.), Ghoga (10.40 Ha.), Shahapur Garhi (08.00 Ha.), Mamurpur (56.00 Ha.), Jindpur (47.60 Ha.), Mukhmelpur (53.00 Ha.), Bawana (32.00 Ha.) and Garhi Mandu (300.00 Ha.).

ii.  New City Forests (2007-08): The Department has undertaken creation of nine new city forests during 2007-08 at Issapur (66.25 Ha.), Rewla Khanpur (22.85 Ha.), Kharkhari Jatmal (50.00 Ha.), Sultanpur Dabbas (24.76 Ha.), Mungeshpur (13.5 Ha.), Qutabgarh (27.77 Ha.), Hindon Cut Ghazipur (9.33 Ha.), Harewali (24.80 Ha.) and Mukhmelpur (19.43 Ha.).

iii.  New City Forests (2008-09): During 2008-09, the Department had undertaken development of nine new city forests, namely, at Rewla Khanpur (20 Acre), Shikarpur, (109 Acre), Rajokhari, (15.5 Acre), Nazafgarh Drain (29.64 Acre), Qutubgarh, (20 Acre), Mukhmelpur, (13Acre), Raj Vidya Kendra, Sahurpur (37Acre), Aya Nagar (25Acre) and Burari Bund (8 km. of the slope of Burari Bund Road towards supplementary drain).

iv.   Proposed New City Forests (2009-10): Rewla Khanpur, Pendwala Khurd, Malikpur, Daurala, Goylakhurd, Kharkhari Jatmal, Garhi Mandu, Jaunapur and Neb Sarai/ Dera Mandi. The plantation in these locations shall be completed by 31st March, 2010.

The Department has also initiated action for their notification as Protected Forest for providing them the legal status and ensuring their protection.

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