Tender Notice for Replacing and Laying of G.I pipe ,Fixing of hydrant,dismantling G.I Anand vihar Nursery

Tender Notice No F.66/DCF(s)/Wildlife/2021-22/10126-32

Tender Notice No F.6/DCF(s)/Development/2021-22/244-51

Tender Notice No F.360/DCF(s)/Development/2021-22/9841-48

Tender Notice Inviting short Term Sealed Quotation Place of work  kondli Nursery and DCF ( central )

Tender Notice NoF.52/DCF(S)/wildlife/21-22/9306-12,9313-19

Tender Notice NoF.298/DCF(S)/Development/21-22/8676-83

Tender Notice NoF.312/DCF(S)/Dev/21-22/7802-6

Tender Notice NoF.284/DCF(S)/Dev/21-22/8580-84

Tender Notice No F.52/CFD/Dev/maintenance /Tender /NSCB Marg/2021-22/2050-58

Tender Notice No.F.34/DCF(S)/Wildlife/21-22/7243-49

Tender Notice No.F.234/DCF(S)/Dev./21-22/7546-52

Tender Notice F.05/DCF(S)Store /DG-set 82.5/21-22

Tender Notice F.1/DCF(S)/Wildlife/2020-21/6327-35

Tender Notice No.F.239/DCF(S)/dev./21-22/4728-34

Tender Notice No 612NFD(Now CFD)/Dev./Proce of saplings/2020-21/1090-1105

Tender Notice No.F.18/DCF(S) wildlife/21-22/4519-26

Tender Notice No.F.121/DCF(s)/Dev/21-22/3019-23

Tender Notice No F. 124/DCF/DEV/21-22/25-82

Tender Notice No 87/DCS(s)/dev/21-22/2194-98

Tender Notice No F.413 Development /2020-21/487-94

Tender Notice No F.410 Development/2020-21/16837-44,16829-36,16821-28

Tender Notice  No F.336/DCF(s)/Development /2020-21/16573-80,16746-53,16754-61,16720-27,16728

Tender Notice No.F. 355 /DCF(s)/Development/2020-21/6396-16403

Tender Notice No.F.371/DCF(s)/Development /2020-21/14033-40

Tender Notice F.No1 (426)/WED/Estt/Misc./2020-21/14026-34

Tender Notice No.F.394/DCF(s)/development /2020-21/15016-23,15008-15,15024-31,15032-39,

Tender Notice No 605/NFD/Dev/GM Usmanpur/22222 Plants maintenace /Tender/20 ha. Land /2020-21-9401-11

Tender Notice No 580/NFD/Dev/ITO Chungi/city Forest Loop no.4/2020-21/9391-9400

Tender Notice NO 335/DCF/Development/2020-21/14620-27

Tender Notice No 361/DCF(s)/development/2020-21/13366-73

Tender Notice No.41/DCF(S)/Store/Switch-Repair/20-21/14412-17,14418-23,14013-18,13805-13,14019-24,14007-1,14406-11

  Short Term Notice Inviting Sealed Quotations (NIQ)

   E-Tender for supply and fixing of sign board of size 4ftx6fit in Alipur forest Range"



      Notice Inviting E-Tender for No.F.13/DCF(s)Dev/20-2161014, ,1585-89 ,1570 ,74 short term Notice Inviting sealed Quotation /1575-79 ,1600-4,1595-99 ,1605-9 ,1580-84 ,2147-54 ,1590- 

E-Tender No.F.25/DCF(W) DEV./Plantation 4000 Nos. Mukhmelpur Pkt-B//2020-21 work of "Digging of holes at Mukhmelpur pocket -B land"

Notice Inviting E-Tender for Appointment of chartered Accounted for conducting Internal Audit  for Specific of forest &Wildlife Govt of NCT of Delhi

Tender for Epson EB-1470UI Laser Ultra short throw wireless Interaction full HD 3LCD Projector

E-Tender No.F.508/NFD?DEV/2.41 ha/NH-24 PGCIL/Boards/2020-21/3952-66

E-Tender No.F.501/NFD/Dev/SP-Metro Station/FCA/8.354 ha Land/2020-21/3638-47

E-Tender No.F.396/DCF(N)/Store/Driver/2018-19/3718-26

E-Tender No.F.500/NFD/Dev/Quotation/CND/2020-21/3648-622

E-Tender No.F.500/NFD/Dev/Quotation/CND/2020-21/3663-77

E-Tender No.F.503/NFD/Dev/Anand Vihar/Borewell/2020-21/3701-15

E-Tender No.F.497/NFD/Dev/Medicinal plants/ITONurrsery/2020-21/3422-37

E-Tender No.F.498/NFD/Dev/Fruit plants/ITONurrsery/2020-21/3438-52

E-Tender for supply of 57200Nos. WELL development Tree Plants, Full of fresh & Healthy leaves 

online Tenders invited under Two - Bid system

E-Tender for complete maintenance of plantation jawahar colony dera mandi, jounapur forest Ridge land under south forest division ,shahoorpurpart -1 pocket -d, pocket -b,aya nagar pantation area pocket A , Asola plantation area for priod one year , delhi high court plantation of 15955

E-Tender No.F.124/DCF(S)DEVELOPMENT /2019/-2020 /7544-51

E-Tender No.F.113/DCF(S)DEVELOPMENT /2019/-2020 /7556-83

E-Tender No.F.110/DCF(S)DEVELOPMENT /2019/-2020 /7568-75

E-Tender No.F.81/DCF(S)DEVELOPMENT /2019/-2020 /7718-21

E-Tender No.F.123/DCF(S)DEVELOPMENT /2019/-2020 /7552-59

E-Tender No.F.122/DCF(S)DEVELOPMENT /2019/-2020 /7660-67

E-Tender No.F.93/DCF(S)DEVELOPMENT /2019/-2020 /7660-67

E-Tender No.F.96/DCF(S)DEVELOPMENT /2019/-2020 /7652-59

E-Tender No.F.111/DCF(S)DEVELOPMENT /2019/-2020 /7668-78

E-Tender No.F.487/NFD/Dev/Gazebo/SP-Metro Station /2019/-2020

E-Tender No.F.485/NFD/Dev/MS Railing/GM Pkt A2 /2019/-2020

E-Tender No.F.484/NFD/Dev/MS Railing/GM Pkt A2 /2019/-2020

E-Tender No.F.486/NFD /Dev/Benches /SP-Metro Station /2019/-2020

E-Tender No.F.488/NFD/Dev/ITO Chungi/Loop IV /2019/-2020

Online Tenders Invited Maintenance of Compensatory Plantation of 5065 nos of Trees saplings

Online Tenders Invited Maintenance of Compensatory Plantation of 5050 nos of Trees saplings

E-Tender for The Supply of Alkathene Bags, Malathion Insecticide

Notice Inviting Short Term Sealed Quotation

Maintenance of Delhi high Courts Plantation of 15955 nos. of trees saplings

Maintenance of Compensatory of 4000 Nos of trees Saplings

Notice Inviting Short Term Sealed Quotation

Supply of seasonal fruits and vegetables of Modal-B quality on APMC rates as food for monkeys translocated to Asola Bhatti Wild Life SanctuaryRe-tender for Supply of Food to Monkeys at Asola under South Forest DivisionE-tender Notice for maintenance of plants at Shastri Park Plantation Area under NFDTender Notice for supply of water through water tanker at forest areas in WFD Tender is inviting for services of trained driver on hire basis for Govt. light vehicles in WFD E-tender for Providing services of Drivers on contract basis at ITO Nursery E-tender for Providing Services of Data Entry Operator (Tender ID 2014-DCFW_59449_2) E-tender for "Supply of nursery materials" at Tughlakabad, Hauz Rani and Devi Nursery under SFD E- tender for "Creation and maintenance of Forestry plantation at Kharkhari Jetmal-V and Jhatikara

E-tender for Hiring 2 nos. light vehicle small medium saloon type Innova/suv type (AC/ Non-AC car diesel/cng/fuel) on contract basis for the period of 1 year, Department of Forest and Wildlife, New Delhi

tender notice for the maintenance of 5000 nos.of tree samplings

Tender notice for dismantling old electrical wiring land laying new underground wiring and change of main MCB

Tender Notice for repair of range office at bhati Mines under South Forest Division as most urgent

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